Caring For Your Mat



Caring for your Purple Lotus Mat is super easy.

Usually, a light spray with water is enough.  We like to add lavender oil to our water before a yin session and something more invigorating, like orange oil, when we need a pick me up.


If your mat gets a little dirtier (feet marks anyone?) a spot clean with water and a cloth should get the job done.

Add some essential oil or a TINY smidge of soap for super stubborn marks.

Try to clean in one direction at a time and avoid ‘scrubbing’ the microfiber if possible and leave your mat to dry before rolling back up.

If your mat gets really dirty, don’t worry, we like to practice in the forest too!

Your mat can be cleaned in the washing machine, on a cool, gentle cycle.

We recommend using this method sparingly, however, in order to get the most out of the life of your mat.  We always dry ours in the shade to avoid fading.

Oh, and pets aren’t a problem either, we vacuum our mats regularly!

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