About Us

I love yoga.  I practice every day.  I’m not one of those super flexible dancer types you see on Instagram, just someone who truly loves yoga.  Whether you view it as a form of exercise or a moving meditation, I believe all practices have one thing in common.  The need for a reliable mat.

There is nothing worse than a mat that bunches, or curls up at the ends, or is slippery, or sticky, or too thin or too spongy or stretchy.  I’ve had ALL of these at one time or another.  Sometimes all at once!  It’s nearly impossible to stay focused on the poses and sometimes I’ve found (usually the hard way) that these mats can even be dangerous.

I couldn’t find the perfect mat.  Sometimes I came very close.  But I could never find one that ticked all the boxes.  The more serious I became about yoga, the more important the hunt for the perfect mat became to me.  Eventually, out of frustration, I decided to change that, and Purple Lotus Designs was born.

I went to work creating a yoga mat that ticked all the boxes, and whether you’re a master yogi, or you’re just starting out, I think a Purple Lotus mat could be your perfect mat too.


Kate xxx

Founder of Purple Lotus Designs

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