What a learning curve! Wow. I’m exhausted. Thank goodness for YouTube!

In just over a month I’ve accomplished so much.  Things I’d never even dreamed of!

I knew nothing about design, less about manufacturing and even less still (if that’s even possible) about shipping, customs and taxes.  But now? Well… let’s just say…. I can get by (just).

Now I can answer questions like “do you require OEM Terms?” and “will you accept DDU shipping terms?” without breaking into a panic sweat.

Now I know that PDF, EPS and AI are just file types (and that they aren’t even hard to change!)

Now I can even take a drawing and turn it into a vector (and I know what a vector is!) Impressive huh?

But so what? What’s the point of all this?


Today I finished the mat designs.  I sent them to my manufacturer.  And I placed the first order for Purple Lotus Designs.  That’s what!

And here they are!

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A GIANT thank you to everyone who helped out along the way!  Especially the lovely souls who took the time to provide feedback on the designs.  I can honestly say that without you, (and all the extra work you made me do) these designs would not be as awesome as they are now!

And so now we wait….

Kate xxx

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