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The Ship Has Sailed

Literally. In fact, the ship left port sometime this afternoon. That means our yoga mats are now somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean.  I hope they don't get sea sick! But that also means that things just got real! Like, really real.  I haven't even got a website yet....

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What A Learning Curve

What a learning curve! Wow. I'm exhausted. Thank goodness for YouTube! In just over a month I've accomplished so much.  Things I'd never even dreamed of! I knew nothing about design, less about manufacturing and even less still (if that's even possible) about...

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And So It Begins

So today I did a thing. I registered an ABN. Purple Lotus Designs. About 10 minutes before this, I had made the decision to start a line of yoga mats. Impulsive, I know. “What about teaching?” I hear you ask.  “Aren’t you at uni studying nutrition...

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